What To Expect When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

2 Things Your Family Law Attorney May Tell You In A Custody Case

If you are co-parenting your children with your former spouse, you may decide that you need to have a change in custody or visitation. If you do, you must have an attorney help you with everything. You want to make sure that everything is done legally because it could otherwise turn around and bite you in an uncomfortable place. You should contact a family law firm to see if they have an attorney that specializes in custody cases and who has the space for you to become their client. When you have a lawyer, they will give you some suggestions to help your case. 

Communicate Through the Attorneys

One suggestion your lawyer may give you is to only communicate with your former spouse through an attorney. If you and your former spouse have had a contentious relationship, suing for a change in visitation or custody can just amp up that problem. That conflict can make things much more stressful for you and your kids. If you arrange to have all communications run through your attorney, they will be able to limit the conflict. Your attorney can also keep a record of what your former spouse is saying, which could help you in your court case. 

Neutral Transfer Space

Your attorney may also suggest that you have a neutral transfer space for the child to switch for visitation or custody changes. Choosing someplace neutral can be less stressful for everyone involved because no one's space is being encroached on. When your former spouse realizes that you want to change visitation or custody, doing a pickup or drop off at your house or their house can be difficult because getting upset with each other is easy. But, if you choose a neutral space, you still have your space, your former spouse still has their space, and you have other people around. That neutral space could be a library, a police department, a fast food restaurant, or anywhere that works for you and your former spouse. If you don't want to use a neutral transfer space, consider having a third party pick up and drop off your children so that you and your former spouse don't get angry with each other. 

Hire a family law attorney if you wish to change your child custody situation. They will be able to help make your case more manageable and less stressful for you and your kids.