What To Expect When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Some Common Reasons To Retain A Child Support Attorney

When you and the other parent of your children decide to end your relationship, neither you nor the other parent are exempt in your responsibility to your children. In fact, you both have the legal obligation to equally share the costs of raising them.

Regardless of whether or not that you have custody of your children, you will be expected to contribute a reasonable amount of money each month for their upkeep and wellness. You can make sure that your children have the money that they need to thrive by hiring a child support attorney to represent their best financial interests and yours in court. 

Asking for Payments

If you have custody of the children, you may need to hire a child support attorney to ask the court to order the other parent to pay support for them. The other parent may purposely try to skirt his or her responsibility of providing an equal share of their financial upkeep. This individual may try to get out of it by avoiding employment or by moving out of the state, for example.

However, your child support attorney can request that the court issue an order for this other parent to make monthly payments to you. If he or she refuses to provide support for your children, he or she might be found in contempt of court and have his or her tax refunds, wages and other assets levied, garnished or seized.

Requesting Adjustments of Payments

If you are the one paying support for your children, you may need to hire a child support attorney to ask the court to adjust the amount that you pay. You might have had to take a pay cut at work, for example. You also might have reason to believe that your children no longer need the current amount that you pay.

Your attorney can go to court for you and ask that the judge change the amount of support that you pay. If you can prove your case, the court may allow you to pay less than the former order. The court may also allow you to keep the same visitation order even if you pay less support each month.

A child support attorney can provide important services after you and your former partner end your relationship. Your attorney can ask the court to award you monthly support payments. Your lawyer can also request that the court change the payment amount. Contact a child support attorney to learn more.