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Know How Your DUI Charge May Be Dismissed

Were you arrested for a DUI that you feel like you did not deserve? If so, it is possible that you can get the case dismissed. This often happens due to mistakes that the police made during your arrest, and can result in you having all charges against you dropped. 

Poor Police Report

One reason why your DUI case may be dismissed is because of a poorly written police report. The officer may have not put a lot of details into the report for several reasons, such as waiting too long to write the report and not being able to remember what happened exactly. It is also possible that the officer is simply bad at their job and not putting down as many details as they should in the report. Your DUI lawyer may challenge the quality of the report to see if your case will be thrown out because it is lacking the evidence needed to charge you with a crime.

Poor Evidence Collection

It is important that the police officer has some sort of evidence regarding your DUI. Evidence is not just related to physical evidence found in the vehicle, such as an empty beer bottle. It could be interviewing other people that were in the vehicle to establish a timeline of any drinking that took place that night. Another example of evidence could be a breathalyzer where the results are not documented. Taking these tests and not having them documented in the report may make it look like the tests were never taken.

Poor Field Sobriety Tests

Many people are not aware that there are actually standards that need to be used for field sobriety tests. Not only are there a limited amount of field sobriety tests that can be given, but there are conditions that must be met to make sure that the test is fair. For example, if someone is asked to walk in a straight line, that line must be on a level surface.

Poor Blood Collection

There are mistakes that can be made when taking a blood sample to prove your BAC. While you may not know the proper process that is required for a blood sample to be taken, you'll want to have your lawyer step in and challenge the process. There are many mistakes that can be made when taking the blood sample that can impact the results of any testing that was done. The lawyer can then question an officer that observed the blood test to find ways that it was performed incorrectly.