What To Expect When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Tips For Keeping Divorce Issues Private

Some people don't mind whether everyone knows about their divorce, while others prefer to keep every little thing about their divorce private. Below are some tips you can use if you belong to the latter group.

Use Alternative Forms of Divorce

Everyone can access your divorce issues if you opt for litigation. Even local reporters can come to court and write about your divorce. Alternatives forms of divorce can help keep your divorce matters private. For example, you can solve your divorce issues via mediation, collaboration, or arbitration. After that, you just submit your divorce agreement to the court for approval.

Be Honest

Honesty during divorce cannot only save you money, but it can also help to preserve your privacy. A partner who suspects the other of dishonesty will do everything possible to unearth the secrets. For example, if your partner suspects you of hiding assets, they can hire a private investigator or subpoena your friends, boss, colleagues, or acquaintances to testify. Such actions increase the number of people privy to your divorce, which makes it even difficult to keep your issues private.

Avoid Social Media

A divorce is a highly emotive process, so it is understandable that you might be tempted to vent in social media. Unfortunately, social media postings are public. Even the postings you restrict to your close circle of friends can eventually find their way to other third parties. Find a way to deal with your emotions, for example, by seeing a counselor, without publicizing your issues in social media.

Seal Divorce Records

Even if you manage to avoid divorce litigation, an interested third party can request a copy of your divorce decree from the court. The only way to avoid such leakages is to seal your divorce records. For this, you need to petition the court to seal your records and provide a valid ground for your request. According to lawyers.com, you have a high chance of success if you limit your request to portions of your divorce decree that can harm you if they become public knowledge.

Get a Private Judge

Lastly, you can also keep your divorce matters private by using a private judge. With a private judge, the divorce process will take place in a closed chamber and not a public gallery. Note that you will have to pay the private judge from your private funds. Most private judges charge by the hours.

Hopefully, you have a divorce lawyer helping you with the divorce process. Your lawyer can also help you with further tips on how to keep your divorce issues private.