What To Expect When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

You Don't Want Custody Or The Home: Should You Hire A Divorce Attorney Anyway?

You want to get divorced, and you aren't going to battle for two of the biggest assets in your marriage: the house and child custody. You and the other party are in agreement over mainly everything regarding your divorce, and you want to keep things simple as possible.

Still, it's worth it to hire an attorney even if you don't have anything to fight over. Here are the reasons why you should hire a lawyer anyway if you don't want child custody or the home you share with your ex-partner.

You need to work out child support and visitation

When you don't have child custody, you have child support you will need to pay every month. Your lawyer will help draw up the most fair and accurate child support order for the judge's approval, and your divorce attorney will help you get set up with the state to make payments. If you find yourself unable to pay child support in the future or you need to have child support payments modified down the line, this same divorce attorney can come to your aid.

Visitation will need to be drawn up as well regarding child custody. Even if you have everything verbally agreed upon with your ex-partner, getting the visitation set up in writing is beneficial to both parties. Your divorce lawyer will help draw this plan up and get court approval on it so you can keep your legal rights to see your children intact with little interference.

You need to settle how to handle the home

Do you want to let the other party buy out your ownership in the home and take your cut of the assets, or do you want to sell the home and split the profits after paying off the home with the other party? Do you want to walk away from the home entirely and not worry about the asset? No matter what you want to do regarding the home you own with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you need to have a divorce lawyer by your side to manage your legal obligations to the home once your divorce is settled. If your name is still on the mortgage even if you've given up your ownership of the home, you can be left with impacted credit should the home default in the future.

It's best to cover your bases with legal counsel even if you have a minor and agreeable divorce. If you don't want child custody or the home, your lawyer will help you make sure everything regarding these things is filed appropriately.

To learn more, contact a divorce attorney.